Welcome to Kendall Optical Center

Kendall Optical is a full service Eye Care Center, which provides Eye Exams, Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses from kids to adults in Miami, FL.

Eye Exam

Did you know eye exams do more than detect vision impairment? We provide comprehensive eye health check-ups for your entire family, including eye dilation for early determination of diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma and other ocular conditions.

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Eye Health

Protect your eyes. Learn about proactive steps you can take to prevent eye disease, irritation, and strain. For family members who are active outdoors or play sports, we will guide you through injury-preventing gear and options for UV protection.

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Contact Lenses

At Kendall Optical Center, we pride ourselves in staying up to date when it comes to the latest contact lens technology. We customarily handle everything from simple prescriptions to the most complex. We have successfully fit patients with large amounts of...

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Quality eyewear should be with you for years and enhance more than your vision. We’re delighted to help you choose from a wide selection of frames and shapes from designers such as Gucci, Coach, and Giorgio Armani—all available at competitive prices.

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